All sizes, All colors, All levels, All faiths, All genders, All Styles, All Welcome, All Unjudged.

You won’t find extreme competition workouts here. Our classes focus on controlled movements that increase your mind muscle connection while promoting the development of a lean fierce shape with complete functional strength.

Our classes will only create a strong lean shape that is never bulky or boxy.

Every class starts with a warm up to get the body moving properly, and the mind cleared for increased focus and energy. Then you will rotate through a series of guided strength and mobility circuits until it’s time for the final group booty and ab burn. Class commences with our signature holistic cool down (with optional foam rollers).

We recommend anyone just starting out to first attend a Sculpt class, for a lower intensity focus. You’ll gain a great foundation of body awareness, core engagement, and proper form to set you up for success.

Then there is no better time than now to come get fierce with us! Let us help you make your workouts efficient, beneficial, and fun.

We keep a heavy eye on class attendance and our best advice is come to class as often as you can – if we suspect you’re overtraining we’ll definitely let you know. So come as often as you can, give every class your all, and listen to your body.

Absolutely. We have two programmed tracks per class (Shred/Sculpt) with repeated circuits until the month is out. This allows you to gain complete confidence with each circuit and become stronger with every new cycle.

Yes. We just do it with dynamic strength exercises and more controlled movements. Both Shred (high intensity) and Sculpt (low intensity) have multiple circuits that are designed to extend your calorie burn for days.

We recommend that you incorporate a combination of both Shred & Sculpt as often as 2-3X per week to see a difference in your body and how you feel. As with all things, the more dedicated and committed you are the faster you’ll start to see results.

SHOES: We are completely shoe-less for all classes, yoga/barre socks highly recommended.

CLOTHES: Wear whatever makes YOU shine the most. Cheeto leggings, running tights, yoga pants, neon or mesh anything, just a plain old sports bra and shorts, all styles are welcome and celebrated. We do however recommend attire be as form fitting as your comfort level allows. Baggy clothes like old school sweats prevent the proper movement of the body. 

Not at all! However, some members do wear weightlifting gloves for increased grip and to keep the hands smooth. All other personal fitness items including boxing gloves, resistance booty bands, and yoga mats are provided (feel free to bring your own of any).

Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime with a 30 day notice from your billing date. Our 4 class membership includes a 3 month minimum commitment but can be cancelled anytime after that with a 30 day notice. Our 8 class punchcard is a one time purchase with no commitment, but must be used within 6 months of purchase.

We offer a 10% discount on monthly class packages for First Responders, Military, Public School Teachers, and Social Workers. We also offer a 5% discount for active college students. Please contact us and provide your details to use one of these discounts.

If any friend joins up for a monthly class membership you both get $20 off your next bill! Please ask them to put your complete name in the referral box upon join up.


All sizes, All colors, All levels, All faiths, All genders, All Styles, All Welcome, All Unjudged.

We use a variety of free weight tools including dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension trainer, and battle rope. Sprinkled with functional equipment for boxing, biking, and box jumps. 

While we unfortunately don’t offer showers we do have a sleek changing area with enough locker space for any gear you may bring. In addition we also provide some basic complimentary amenities including: phone chargers, hair ties, deodorant, dry shampoo, and tampons. Our restroom facilities are located in a shared space and we provide two keys at the front of our studio for when ya gotta go.

Of course! We know it feels good to know what you’re stepping into. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll schedule a time for you to stop by!

While there is no cap on age for our classes, our average age is between 23-50. Our classes use a combination of floor work and standing work which can be stressful and those uncomfortable with getting on and off the ground.

Absolutely, we love team building! Please contact us about our current rates and available dates. 

Yes we do! Come cool off and get a great workout in WITHOUT being beat by that summer heat.

We don’t allow independent trainers at UP but are always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches. If you are interested in becoming a coach or know someone perfect for the UP family please reach out and say hey.

No. We are independently owned, operated, and cultivated in Portland, OR.

Yes. All coaches at UP must have up to date certifications for both personal training and cpr. In addition they are vetted on their knowledge of functional movement and dynamic strength.


Training based on the biomechanics of the human body to enhance performance, improve body technique, and increase overall strength. While simultaneously reducing the chance of injury and preventing future movement issues.

Conditioning based on holistic principles to increase the full capabilities of your entire body. So you aren’t focusing on one specific body part or muscle. You are focusing on mobility of the entire the body as a whole and the interconnectedness of every muscle, joint, and ligament.

The big secret athletes use to create the perfect physique is having a complete mind muscle connection. By improving your connection you will not only gain dynamic body control but also improve your bodies ability move in everyday life.

Building and strengthening your butt isn’t just for looks. With strong glute muscles, you’ll be able to safely perform any knee movements, reducing your risk for injury even in daily activities. A strong firm butt means your whole hip system is highly functioning and your movement power is at its peak.

While steady-state cardio (think: a 45-minute jog on the treadmill) burns calories not just from fat, but it also burns your muscles, decreasing your bodies ability to maintain and improve strength. Strength training not only builds lean muscle and burns only fat, but it also strengthens your heart and increases your endorphins output.

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